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Expert consulting & training on sales messaging, presentations and more.

Time: 2-4 Days

Team: Product Leadership Team of 5-12

An ArrowHead³ consultant will guide your team through the “ArrowHead” process to determine your product’s key messages. Your cross-functional team will balance their skills with each other as they craft the key points for your product. ArrowHead Messaging™ can be done in 2-4 days, and can be broken up over two weeks if needed. Your team will create a StoryQuiver™, which is a summary of their work that can be communicated to other team members to insure a consistent, clear and compelling telling of your product story.

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Time: 4-5 Days

Team: Sales Team

Your sales team members learn how to close more business by learning, What to say, how to say it, who to say it to, when to ask, and when to shut-up and listen. Team members will learn powerful persuasion tools from one-on-one conversation selling to formal presentations and speeches. Your team members will role-play various sales situations specific to your sales engagements, and will receive expert coaching, from your team and the facilitator. They will also take multiple passes at how to turn your toughest objections into strong reasons why your solution is best. Whether the sales members have many years of experience or are new to the role, this sales boot camp will unite your sales team, give them a common sales language, shorten sales cycles, increase deal sizes, and increase sales with new skills that are immediately applicable.

Companies with complex products can easily confuse their customers with their product messages. They try to “teach” buyers about their product instead of “persuading” them to buy it.

Frequently product teams tell different versions of the story causing the customer confusion, and even causing chaos within the organization. This confusion and chaos leads to long sales cycles, discounting and lost sales.

ArrowHead³ Consulting helps companies create Stories That Win. Product leadership teams are led through the “ArrowHead” process that crystallizes for buyers the Clear and Compelling reasons to buy their product. These teams now work from the same playbook and tell their story with passion and persuasion. The Result: shorter sales cycles, less discounting, and more sales.

Creating Stories That Win involves three steps that can be done from beginning to end in a matter of weeks, or done separately depending upon your needs.

Time: 2 Days

Team: Customer-Facing Team Members

Your customer-facing team will learn techniques of business’ master storytellers and presenters. If your company did an ArrowHead Messaging™ process for your company or product, your team will be introduced to your StoryQuiver™ and will craft their own storyboards on how to tell your story. They will learn effective presentation and storytelling tips and techniques that can be used in 15 second elevator discussions, formal presentations, written proposals, conference calls, and technical demonstrations. Your team members will learn how to coach each other so the skills will stick with them well beyond the training.

Kevan Kjar, Founder of ArrowHead³, is all about inspiring you to “be your best self.” He has extensive experience in coaching executives, speakers, sales people, and policy experts; helping them to prepare to delivery an important keynote, participate in or lead a panel discussion, facilitate an offsite, or speak to an important donor. Kevan helps you to channel your fears and concerns to outstanding results. He has worked with Fortune 100 clients around the world, as well as public policy to CPAC, and from town halls to the Supreme Court. Kevan is a recognized author, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker, and mentor.

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Story War Packages

ArrowHead’s Story War packages are complete solutions that each focus on helping you create a bulletproof story, training and coaching your team in delivering that story, and follow-on work to keep your story and delivery sharp.

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Client with one main product and a central marketing team and small sales team (10-15 people) who need to be equipped to have a bulletproof message and story, a team armed with a common language and skillset to deliver that story with passion, and tools to fend off the toughest objections. Mentoring, coaching and refinement is limited to six months. 


  • 1x ArrowHead Story Creation work session
  • 1x ArrowHead Sales Onboard training
  • 6 months of live monthly video coaching
  • Weekly concept review emails
  • 1x 3-month Progress report on individual participants

Story War Package - Basic

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Story War Package - Pro

Building on the BASIC package, this client may have a larger sales team (15-30 people) and need to be certain that the message and training has more cycles of mentoring, coaching and refinement. 


  • 1x ArrowHead Story Creation work session
  • 2x ArrowHead Sales Onboard training
  • 1x ArrowHead Prep training for a major event (tradeshow, conference, etc.)
  • 12 months of live monthly video coaching
  • Weekly concept review emails
  • 2x Semiannual Progress reports on individual participants

Story War Package - masters

Building on the PRO package, this client will have multiple products that need to have stories and messaging (ArrowHeads) fleshed out, with sales possibly larger teams (30-60 people) that need to be cross-trained to sell more than one product. A StoryBank is created with the best story nuggets filmed and shared with the rest of the teams. Additional coaching is included to help prepare and train for critical trade shows. In addition to mentoring and coaching, managers are trained and mentored as coaches to their teams. 


  • 2x ArrowHead Story Creation work session
  • 4x ArrowHead Sales Onboard training
  • 2x ArrowHead Prep training for a major event (tradeshow, conference, etc.)
  • StoryBank filming & sharing
  • 12 months of live monthly video coaching
  • Weekly concept review emails
  • 4x Quarterly Progress reports on individual participants

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